Today I had the honor of sitting down and speaking with Lendale Johnson. Lendale is a celebrity tennis star in his own right as America’s 1st openly gay black tennis professional on the ITF. Founder and director of tennis at The Johnson Johnson High Performance Tennis Academy. A celebrity and tennis player based in different cities including New York and Chicago.

Lendale has partnered with founder Jonah Travis, the company eats frustratingly long wait times at many of the popular public tennis courts in New York with their game changing system.

This summer Lendale gained international recognition from the…

I recently had the honor of speaking with Kayteria Knott. Kayteria is looking forward to the continued growth in the field of proper supply chain management and logistics management as well knowledge building in the fields of supply and logistics.

Kayteria was promoted to Specialist by the historic 824th Quartermaster Company (Heavy Airdrop Supply Div) Out of Ft.Bragg, NC. Also, had the privilege to attend the historical 84th Training Command’s third and final CSTX of the year hosted by the 86th Training Division at Fort McCoy, WI in 2015.

The CSTX includes The historic Diamond Saber, Red Dragon, Trans Warrior…

The concept of “equity” in public education has received much notoriety over the past three decades. Though there has been plenty of academic research on equity, how the research translates into daily practices still presents a challenge. Though educators understand the concept of equity and there are a variety of tools to measure equity; somewhere between the awareness and outcomes there is an clear disconnect.

Teaching children is not an easy process. Educators regularly compare the process of educating students to a three-legged stool. In order for this stool to stand, all three legs must support the platform. Using this…

Today we are going to talk about the many talents of Cynthia Folluo. A great friend and an amazing individual I have had the privilege of knowing!

Cynthia has been a yoga/pilates instructor for multiple years with a strong passion towards health and wellness. She has many hobbies that include hiking, scuba diving, skydiving, kayaking, rock climbing, kick boxing, dragon boat crew, hiking, and mountain biking.

One thing I thought was absolutely amazing is that she is a proud owner of a 1915 Model T roadster pickup. This was the last year that brass was used! Fun fact: The Ford…

Buying or Selling a property is an arduous task for many reasons and it can far more complicated when you work with an inexperienced Realtor ®. Just like all other professions, Realtors are also categorized by their level of experience. Finding a friend/family member who not may be an inexperienced agent can cost you dearly when you are dealing with the single largest asset of your entire life! A good experienced Realtor can save you tens of thousands of dollars rather on each transaction which is why they always say… “never hire your best friend but always the best realtor”

I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Michael Sinclair, a successful businessman based out of Las Vegas Nevada and president of a non profit humanitarian company named Haftoo. Hardship is part of life for many individuals. Asking for help shouldn’t feel like a burden. This is what influenced Michael to create Haftoo. A company powered by technology and driven by generosity. Their mission is to make it easy for anyone in need to connect with kind-hearted individuals. Haftoo is recognized as a modern way of giving and sharing kindness.

Michael has a focus on helping the…

VIP Financial Education was launched in 2000 by a group of industry experts who gained huge experience in the banking and financial sector for more than a multitude of years. From the beginning, experts at VIP have provided free classes to several big companies such as NASA Space Center, Multiple Police Departments, Chicago Title, Coldwell Banker, Paradigm Group, Keller Williams and many more.

Matthew Pillmore is a popular educator, speaker, national credit consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He is offering financial education on the national platform to unlimited real estate organizations. …

There are many different reasons to consider owning your own drone. From using it for professional photography, to having one just for a person hobby. Owning a drone is an investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here are a few reasons to own your own drone:

  1. Law Enforcement Aid: A drone can aid law enforcement in surveillance and tracking suspects. It creates the perfect birds eye view for crash scene investigations.
  2. Disaster Assessment: In the event of a natural disaster, many drones can travel miles and record the extent of a disaster and damage.
  3. Sports: A drone is a great…

Andrea Martins

Andrea Martins is a writer and traveler, I blog about just about everything and sometimes food.

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